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Prices as of 1st Feb 2024

Initial Appointment: £32 Assessment and treatment, up to 30 mins.

Medical Pedicure and General Appointment: £32 Nail cutting/filing/reduction, callus and corn removal, foot pain assessment and any other general foot care, up to 30 mins.

Verruca Treatments: £32 Assessment, reduction and application of Silver Nitrate and/or Liquid Nitrogen, up to 30 mins.

Verruca Needling: Initial assessment £32 and if surgery opted for; £300 total payable Assessment (up to 30 mins), Needling procedure under local anaesthetic (up to 2 hours), 2 follow up appointments (15 mins each).

Home Visits: £35 (occasionally £40 if outside of usual area covered) General care/medical pedicure in your home. Up to 30 mins.

Nail Surgery (maximum of 2 toes per surgery): initial assessment £32 and if surgery opted for; £300 (1 toe) or £350 (2 toes) total payable Assessment (up to 30 mins), Nail Surgery under local anaesthetic (up to 2 hours), 2 follow up dressing appointments (15 mins each).

Nursing Home Visits: General care given to multiple occupants in a nursing/residential care home. Prices vary dependant on number of customers. Please email for a quote.